General Public Speaking Tips

Most people suffer from stage-fright, terrified of speaking in front of a large crowd. Many of us worry about how we would look in front of so many people. This makes it more difficult for a speaker to deliver a strong, confident presentation. Fortunately, there are so many ways that could help a person overcome his fear of public speaking, allowing us to deliver a strong, convincing speech.

To overcome this fear, one should consider taking up public speaking lessons. This is beneficial since you would be thought about the key principles related to effective public speaking. Moreover, you will also be taught simple tips and techniques that will boost your self-esteem when facing a huge audience.

In a public speaking lesson, you should expect the instructor to teach these basic principles in public speaking:


  • Dress to impress – One the most important things you should note in public speaking classes is how to dress when making a presentation. The first thing your audience would notice and pay attention to, is the way you carry yourself and the clothes you are wearing. You should dress in a manner that speaks of professionalism, confidence and neatness. Like buying a product, we decide the quality of a product based on its packaging.

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  • Bond to the crowd – How to bond or connect to the crowd? This is one of the most essential elements in public speaking. A sense of connection could be simply done with making strong eye contact to the audience. This shows your audience that you are speaking directly to them with authority and confidence. Yet there are tendencies to look away when we are thinking or trying to remember something, and sometimes, we forget to spread our eye contact evenly across the crowd, making some feel ignored


  • Limited and organized presentation – You should remember proper organization of your presentation. Most speakers tend to stuff their presentation full of details and figures. This can really confuse your audience and make them lose sight of your main points. Having too much to speak about can also force a speaker to lose time and even worse, lose your audience’s attention.


  • Proper Tone – Another thing that should be covered is the proper volume and correct pronunciation. This is the common mistake for most speakers causing his audience to be unable to discern what he is trying to convey. This is can render your presentation ineffective. Public speaking classes will teach you to use your voice as an instrument and project it in a clear, articulate way. Estimate and adjust the tone appropriately, according to the venue where your presentation will take place. If you are close to the crowd in a small room, it would be silly to shout, so you should use a low tone of voice and speak with clarity. In addition, you should always keep on speaking at an appropriate pace; avoid speaking too fast or too slow so that your listeners can follow.

This is another short lesson brought to you by The Eloquence Academy!

Youth’s Speech & Drama 8 Days Course

We know that the confidence to communicate and networking opens doors for success. Eloquence Academy hence starts this 8-Saturdays Youths Speech & Drama Course to let the children begin to build the confidence towards conversational skills. The activities for Speech leads to an understanding of how one can present and do speeches with good skill. Enhance their natural abilities with the learning of Body Language for dramatic emphasis, keeping an audience enthralled will be easy.

Choose your child’s path of self-improvement today by registering now.

Young Eloquent Speakers (Ages 10 – 18)  – Speech & Drama Course

Venue: Unit 10.5 ,Block B, Plaza Mont Kiara
Date: 8 Saturdays – starting 13th April, 2013
Time: 11 am to 12.30 pm
Rate: RM 500 per child
Tel: 012-3858766 (Ms. Laychi Low)


Petaling Jaya Kids Holiday Speech & Drama Courses/Classes


Give kids the advantage to learn WHILE they play. Fun Kids Holiday Classes Next Week ! – Speech & Drama, Public Speaking courses for ages 4 all the way to 18. In collaboration with @Kelana Jaya Cambridge English For Life. CLICK HERE TO Sign Up Now – Your mind is the safest & worthiest investment you’ll ever make.

Fear Fighter Public Speaking Course 22nd September 2012 intake

Ss..s…ssstop stuttering and get that tongue untied. Take this weekend to conquer your fears of public speaking and do well for life.

Enrol for the Fear Fighter class now!


Date: Starting from this Saturday the 22nd till Sunday the 23rd Sept in Tropicana.


Time: 10.30 am till 4.00 pm with 1 hour lunch break in between.

Venue: Studio, LG floor, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort , Jalan Kelab Tropicana   (Take the lift to the left of the reception and head down one floor, Studio is to the right of the dance/Taekwando gym.

Price: RM 700

Discount : 50% off each student’s course fee if enrolling as a group of 3 or more.

Please email – for more information.


50% discount individual

Cool Communicator & Fear Fighter Classes

A pleasant day to you,

The Eloquence Academy proudly announces the ongoing classes of Cool Communicator & Fear Fighter in the next two weekends. There is still 2 or 3 spaces available for each class and the time table is as follows:

Cool Communicator:

This course enables you to keep your cool when the spotlight’s on you. Besides a more confident self in communication and keeping an audience entralled, one is able to use their gifting and strength to finally be at ease in any social situation.

For More Info On Cool Communicator Click Here

Time: 10:30 am till 4:00 pm

Days: Sat 21st July & Sun 22nd July (2012)

Location: LG Studio, Tropicana Golf & Country Club.

Contact: 012 3858766 – Mdm Laychi


Course Fee: RM 700 per student.


Fear Fighter:

(Fear of Public Speaking). Understand what FEAR really is and why the stage gets you weak in the knees. This course is designed to get you on the path of breaking those chains of FEAR with inner strength. Goal setting, teamwork and practice. For More Info On Fear Fighter Click Here

10:30 am till 4:00 pm,

Days: Sat 28th July & Sun 29th July (2012)

Location: LG Studio, Tropicana Golf & Country Club.

Contact: 012 3858766 – Mdm Laychi


Course Fee: RM 700 per student.


We look forward to seeing your fresh faces joining us. Remember, communication skills are one of the few daily used skills that are transferable from home to the office and even in your personal life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

As always, it has been a pleasure.

Royce Hosts the SME Recognition Awards 2012


Royce Tan was invited to be the Emcee host for the SMI Association’s annual Small/Medium Enterprises Recognition Awards. The event was attended by multitudes of savvy business owners, members of the media and even guests of honor such as The Deputy Minister of International Trade & Industry, YB Dato Mukhriz Mahathir (also the son of the longest serving Prime Minister- Dr Mohamad Mahathir), Tan Sri Dato Sri Megat Najmuddin Khas, SMI President Mr Teh Kee Sin, Her Excellency Lourdes Puma Puma – Ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador and many more.

Each supporting organisation was given a token of appreciation for their years of loyal support. The aim of this launch was to signal the start of nominations for any small to medium businesses in Malaysia to compete for an award within the 16 categories such as Product Excellence Award, Brand Excellence Award, Service Excellence Awards and more. The nominees are judged based on rather strict criterion set by independent auditor group – S J Grant Thornton.

For More Photos – Please Click Here

Is strength your weakness?

Is strength your weakness?.

This is such an important idea because it is rarely considered by many. For example my mother is really good at off the cuff/impromptu speaking and she mainly relies on that. She tries to prepare sometimes but considers it unimportant as she can always come up with something new on the spot anyway. Often entertaining but off-topic.

I agree that it is important for us to be aware that over-relying on our strengths sometimes makes us complacent and creates the tortoise and the hare situation. If we cease to improve and rest on our laurels, we may end up the laggard.

Better Get a Bucket: Tips for Listening with Care

Listen like a leader. Most importantly, understand the perspective that the speaker is coming from.


I believe that after integrity,  listening is the second most important leadership skill.

And… it is also one of the most difficult.

Listening well is hard.  Listening well, consistently, is even harder.

Lately, I have been paying more attention to what is happening when the listening is good.

The key is having some good buckets– categories to help you organize what you hear, and to feed it back.

People need to know that you  have heard them… that you are with them… and that you got the gist.

Buckets help you organize your listening and feedback.

One on One

Imagine an emotional co-worker coming to you with a long story about why a project is in jeopardy.  You listen intently to what she has to say, and look for the main ideas.  After she is done, you can respond with empathy and understanding.

“I am hearing three main concerns here……

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Research on Negotiation 1

As a trainer in Eloquence Academy, we work out courses which will be true to participants’ needs and applicable to a real world situation.

Hence whilst researching on the module in our COOL Communicator Course, I put myself into the shoes of the participant and saw from their point of view the understanding of ” Negotiation Skills”. I have myself been familiarised with the term “WIN-WIN Situation For Negotiation” in my own life experience.

The ability to Negotiate with other parties to come to an agreement where it satisfies every party is a great and advantageous skill..

The aim of a win-win negotiation is to find a solution that is acceptable to both parties, and leaves both parties feeling that they’ve won, in some way, after the event. Despite this, emotion can be an important subject of discussion because people’s emotional needs must fairly be met. If emotion is not discussed where it needs to be, then the agreement reached can be unsatisfactory and temporary.
With this in mind, I had an actual scenario where one friend of mine felt she had a win-win situation in closing a big deal. However, after having met the other party involved, it seemed that though both did get a plus from the deal, the emotions of one were not equally satisfied.

So in any Negotiation, the exchange of any benefits can be deemed by an individual as highly satisfactory (being able to get the desired outcome for self) where it is more advantageous to one party (ie a WIN-LOSE Negotiation). Or like the above scenario, there is an assumed mutual satisfaction for a WIN-WIN Negotiation (as one party is not totally satisfied with the compromise for that deal.) making it a False Win-Win situation.

To get to real satisfaction of both parties, both must have started with a complete desire to ensure equal advantage to each other no matter how one has to compromise. Both parties must be transparent and truthful in their dealings. (This hence is a most desired outcome in any negotiation ie WIN-WIN negotiation).

We at Eloquence Academy will have this Negotiation Skill taught in the course and help participants get to a WIN-WIN situation at best. It shall also be made clear that at times the greater self advantage in a negotiation may be an OK option.

More Research Being Done~…

Theory Analysis for Speech & Communication Skills Course 1

Cool Communicator is the new course that we are launching after Fear Fighter. Fear fighter was based on a premise of teaching the basics required to conquer stage fright and Cool Communicator started out as the ‘level 2’ version of Fear Fighter, but has since evolved into a very different subject from its initial form.

I will attempt to put down some of the defining elements that will need to be included into the lessons. I am especially interested in what needs can be met for the target audience.

COOL Communicator was used as an Acronym in the following order:

  • Communication is a 2 way street,
  • Observation lets you in,
  • Outstanding with an edge,
  • Looks Count.

As you can guess, the course content ended up being generic and unable to properly address a communication challenge that occurs with our target market which are young adults and those in the work force.

So I figured Cool Communicator should be addressing the needs of career-minded individuals that are working or applying for jobs. It should cover topics such as:

  • Personality & Character Analysis – are you the Hero, the Villain or the Victim?
  • How to Sell Yourself – don’t be a bore but don’t act like a whore.
  • Look Like A Leader – dress to kill…the lcompetition.
  • Networking Tips & Tricks – it’s Popularity 101
  • The Skills of Negotiation – the good, the bad and the ugly truth.
  • The Art of Persuasion – It’s like mind control without needing superpowers.
  • The Language of Diplomacy – because sucking up is better than just sucking.

More to Come~~~

Now that the year 2012 did not bring us to the End Of The World n i have the end of the year to pen in , i will add the More to Come here:-

As we enter into a Brand New Year of 2013, i will re-organise the Empowered Eloquence Course. As more future participants finished the “COOL Communicator ” Course (which addresses Communication Skills w Building Rapport, Networking n Negotiation Skills) and the “FEAR Fighter” Course, it has been unlikely many wants to go further to achieve a level to be an Emcee.

Hence the New follow up course will be tailor cut for our 2013 participants. The participant will be able
to choose the type of skill/s they prefer to enhance n move forward in their life success.

Eloquence Academy will help the Corporate or individual to ascertain their training needs with a TNA ie The Training Needs Analysis.

With this approach for year 2013, Eloquence Academy can help more participants to empower themselves with the needed type of training. As from statistics, 85% success in life is when one has Communication Skills! So lets move forward with an aim to improve on the Communication Skills.

Do click in to for course details or write to for our individual assessment for your enhancement needs.