Don’t Ask Where I’m From, Ask Where I’m Local

This video resonates with my internal struggle, of the concept of my nationality, expressing patriotism, and how I identify the roots of my history.

The speaker, Ms Taiye Selasi, like many of us in this generation, was born in a different country to where her ancestors were born, and has moved or migrated overseas at some point, identifying as a part of whichever society they assimilated into.

The neat word ‘Multinational’, as ms Selasi points out, is better suited to conglomerates than human beings, She critiques the idea of being a national of any country in fact, as countries are concepts of institution. We are conditioned to think of countries as eternal and constant.

She points out that in her own lifetime, she has seen countries disappear – Czechoslovakia, countries have been reborn – Estonia , and Countries have failed – Somalia; so they are not as permanent as we think, and certainly not a good measure for where a person’s real history comes from.

She exemplifies that an answer like “I’m from Paris”, conjures the idea of the stereotypical Parisian and their cliches, it encourages others to categorize us and assume the myth & legend of Paris.

She suggests that an answer like “I am local to Melbourne & London” creates a more true to character description for those whom have lived abroad.

The key here is that we do not borrow any stereotype as our own representation of personal background, but we paint a more accurate impression by stitching the varied metropolitan cultures that we have been lucky enough to experience.

3R’s= Rituals, Relationship, Restrictions

Her proposition is to replace our assumptions by seeking to understand the 3 defining elements of a person’s culture in the context of their address/ homes.

Rituals are the celebrations, customs, the traditional recipes and so on.

Relationships are the people that shape your weekly emotional experience, best friends, family, face to face contact.

Restrictions, moves away from where are you now, to why are you not where you were? gives a clearer understanding of how the person reacts emotionally to the undesirable elements of their surroundings.

Its not about the specificity of the answer you wish to get, but moving the intention away from simplifying the introduction of a new person, to seeking a deeper understanding of a complex human experience.

What are we really seeking when we ask the question , and what do we hear when they answer with a country.

The usage of countries implies political power and hiding behind a national identity rather than reveal our real, personal multi-faceted identities.

It is when we understand each other’s vulnerabilities and challenges, that we come to recognize each other as human equals.

So where are you local?



Royce Reviews


When I was a child, my mother made the best investment for my general knowledge by buying me this set of pictorial books.

It was a framework of general knowledge presented as a series of imaginative questions, answered with animated visuals & charts, suitable for younger kids that are beginning to speak.

I believe the initial concepts shown in these books helped me absorb information quickly, then  organize any newly learnt information into broader themes discussed in the book.


I believe that these books had the added benefit of training the readers’ Critical Thinking Skills, as  topics were always presented as a question rather than a definitive answer. It always led to even more questions.

Finally the symbolism of the kid with the question mark T-shirt, asking Prof Grandpa about the many curiosities in his mind. This rhetoric kept me invested in completing the set of books, as it seemed that it was a quest designed just for me.

Some of the great questions to ponder, that are included in this book:

What Are The World’s Hottest Places? 

(Talks about climate and historically hottest dates)

What Is The Coldest Place Where People Live? 

(Introduces the world’s coldest cities)

What Is Life Like for Eskimos of the Far North? 

(Eskimo diet, prey and igloos)

Why Do the People of the Netherlands Build So Many Dikes?

(Intro to windmills and sea levels)

Why Does The World Have Time Zones? 

(Talks about 24 time zones visually)

When Did People Start Shaking Hands?

(Origins of greetings and kissing)

Why Do People Around The World Dress Differently? 

(Examples of Traditional wear)

Does Everyone Celebrate New Year’s? 

(Examples of new year celebrations around the world)

How Are Letters & Packages Sent To Other Countries? 

(Different mailboxes and mail travel)

Why Are Costumes Worn On Halloween? 

(Origins of All Hallow’s Eve)

How Did the Modern Olympics Begin? 

(The modern revival of this Ancient Greek event)

Why Does February Have Only 28 Days? 

(Modern calendar by Emperor Augustus)

…… and many more meaningful questions found in this book.

Are you already an expert Global Citizen?  Try matching the countries’ to their correct details in the scanned image below.

It is one of the best children’s book you will ever buy, forget Harry Potter and Fairy Tales, this should be the first thing your child reads.

Taking Responsibility VS Taking Control

Dear Learners,

My father recently sent an article to me titled “Take Responsibility For Your Life”, it is a motivational speech given by Chris Ross, and you may listen to the audio clip here.

If you are the type to play the blame game,
To play victim,
“Bad things always happen to me”
“I’m not where I want to be because of this person or because of this event”
If you are this type of person, you will never get on in life.

Taking responsibility doesn’t mean relinquishing control of your life.
It means taking control.
If someone is stepping over you, 
If a circumstance keeps pulling you back, 
Be able to see it for what it is!
and take MASSIVE ACTION to eliminate that person, or thing from your life.

It means accepting that you ABSOLUTELY played a part in all the negatives in your life to this point, and rather than complain and moan about what went wrong, FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIX IT.

What can I do NOW to beat this problem
What can I do NOW to create a life of SUCCESS, a life of ABUNDANCE.
What are the SUCCESSFUL people doing right now and how can I emulate their actions to MIRROR their success.

Taking responsibility is not the same as taking control of your environment. It is about controlling your reactions / response; that’s why it’s response-ability.

I think the best response is to acknowledge that there is no control over things outside of the Self and how others act.

That response is a form of wise humility, knowing the limits of our own capabilities and then working to improve from there, regardless of how other people react to you, and despite your environmental changes.

Those who seek control will find chaos, but those who understand that chaos is the pattern of the universe will find solutions in your own response.

You cannot control and change a ball’s direction once it is already thrown in your direction, you can only respond by hitting back, or dodging it.

A fool cries that he cannot stop the ball and wishes it would not hit him, then gets hit anyway; A wise man sees the reality and knows to instantly seek the right response regardless of how much control he has over the situation.

This, my proteges, is the wisdom of response-ability.


How To Write A Speech – WikiHow

Good Day To You,

As I am always writing speeches nowadays, it’s always good to review the basics of speech structure and story writing. The main difference is, your material will be presented by you verbally instead of read, So I prefer speech writing because I don’t really worry about the exact grammar but concentrate on making points simple, well explained and entertaining.

Another one :

Each article has excellent tips if you ever have a case of Writer’s Block.

The Top Comedians & YouTube Personality Channels

Today let’s take a look at some online personalities that you could possibly model yourself after…or maybe just to stare at blankly and get confused.

The point of this exercise is to encourage whichever style of humor you possess to blossom into a laughing gas releasing flower.

I know there are probably a thousand and one multiplied by a million comedians out there, but let’s start with the kings and queens of giggles on YouTube.

After a long and arduous research of 5 minutes, I have come up with the following list:

Michael Buckley

Comedic Style: Ultra Gay, ultra quick and super commercial

George Carlin

Comedic Style: No nonsense, I’ve-lived-longer-than-you-so-I’m-right, Controversial

Lewis Black

Comedic Style: Controversial, Lecturer, Sarcastic, Angry fits, Logical.

Kevin Wu/ Kev Jumba

Comedic Style: Teen humour, guy interests, Asian

Natalie Tran

Community Channel / Natalie Tran

Comedic Style: Young adult humour, Female interests, Australian-Chinese.

Wanda Sykes

Comedic Style: African- American, Adult humor, Sarcastic Tone, Funny voice.

Russell Peters

Comedic Style: Racial comparison, Funny expressions, build up, american born indian, impressions.

There are obviously much much more. Feel free to suggest your favorites. I’ve got plenty more comedians that I am a fan of these are just those that I’ve had the time to put together in five minutes (I have a life you know).

Most importantly do enjoy them as laughter is medicine and a great fat burner too 😉

I’m Trying Not to Ruin the Wedding

Becoming a speaker at the wedding, as an emcee, a friend or a relative to the bride is always a nerve wrecking idea. You know that you are being entrusted with a role in the most important day of someone’s life.

We then begin to ask ourselves “Am I going to make a fool of myself? Can I do it?”

The thing is, we will always have our doubts, but we simply need to prepare before the event and when the time comes, speak from the heart.

I find that speeches like these are great when you start off on a humorous note, and then suitably move to a sincere and heartfelt note.

Here are my tips for the blogger:
Remember that silence is powerful if you are doing a sincere speech. If you are nervous, just keep your eyes in the general direction of your sister but look into your mind, play an image of yourself doing a great relaxed speech and imitate your imagination.

Here are some one liner jokes that you can get away with if it’s not funny since it doesnt take up much time:

I am so happy to have control over the 5 minutes that the (bride) didn’t plan…

They say a man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is Finished.

They say Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye opener.

Pause filler:
The audience can sense it when you are nervous and uncomfortable. To stop yourself from babbling on, put your champagne or wine glass near you and take a sip to pause. then say ” I’ll be needing many refills today.”

Snotting black

My triplet sister’s wedding is in t-8 days and as the co-maid of honor, I will be speeching. Lord help us all.

In everyday interactions, most people expect very little from me. When I make any kind of joke, they are happy and will give me a laugh. But an audience has expectations. They expect me to be funny, charming, sincere, knowledgeable, sleepy, etc, and they demand their chuckle treats. This and any kind of expectation makes my nerve levels skyrocket.

When I have prepared and practiced for the engagement, it’s possible for everything to go smoothly. When I’m not prepared, however, and when the quotient between the audience’s expectations and my ability to perform is especially high, we’re diving head-on into the danger zone.

I often find myself fighting the temptation to stop speaking and let the entire room sink into silence. How long would they just sit there…

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Collusion / Col·lu·sion

Word Of The Day: Collusion

I was watching Video of the month on and Gary Kovac’s talk on internet trackers did cause me some panic. He suggests that we are being watched/tracked by exponentially increasing sites whenever we surf the web.

He promotes a program or app called Collusion. I first thought I heard Collision, which means the impact of separate bodies of matter crashing into each other whilst going on separate trajectories.

Collusion however was a word I have not heard of or read before. So here’s what I’ve found :


[kuh-loo-zhuhn]  Show IPA


1.a secret agreement, especially for fraudulent or treacherous purposes; conspiracy: Some of his employees were acting incollusion to rob him.
2.Law . a secret understanding between two or more personsto gain something illegally, to defraud another of his or her rights, or to appear as adversaries though in agreement:collusion of husband and wife to obtain a divorce.

WikipediaCollusion is an agreement between two or more persons, sometimes illegal and therefore secretive, to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair advantage

Collusion as a product/add-on that is released by Mozilla (Firefox) , The product supposedly tracks the Trackers themselves by showing you particle-like visuals of each site’s trackers. Whether you would find it useful or not, it does feel a little uncomfortable to have your stalkers so…explicit.