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When I was a child, my mother made the best investment for my general knowledge by buying me this set of pictorial books.

It was a framework of general knowledge presented as a series of imaginative questions, answered with animated visuals & charts, suitable for younger kids that are beginning to speak.

I believe the initial concepts shown in these books helped me absorb information quickly, then  organize any newly learnt information into broader themes discussed in the book.


I believe that these books had the added benefit of training the readers’ Critical Thinking Skills, as  topics were always presented as a question rather than a definitive answer. It always led to even more questions.

Finally the symbolism of the kid with the question mark T-shirt, asking Prof Grandpa about the many curiosities in his mind. This rhetoric kept me invested in completing the set of books, as it seemed that it was a quest designed just for me.

Some of the great questions to ponder, that are included in this book:

What Are The World’s Hottest Places? 

(Talks about climate and historically hottest dates)

What Is The Coldest Place Where People Live? 

(Introduces the world’s coldest cities)

What Is Life Like for Eskimos of the Far North? 

(Eskimo diet, prey and igloos)

Why Do the People of the Netherlands Build So Many Dikes?

(Intro to windmills and sea levels)

Why Does The World Have Time Zones? 

(Talks about 24 time zones visually)

When Did People Start Shaking Hands?

(Origins of greetings and kissing)

Why Do People Around The World Dress Differently? 

(Examples of Traditional wear)

Does Everyone Celebrate New Year’s? 

(Examples of new year celebrations around the world)

How Are Letters & Packages Sent To Other Countries? 

(Different mailboxes and mail travel)

Why Are Costumes Worn On Halloween? 

(Origins of All Hallow’s Eve)

How Did the Modern Olympics Begin? 

(The modern revival of this Ancient Greek event)

Why Does February Have Only 28 Days? 

(Modern calendar by Emperor Augustus)

…… and many more meaningful questions found in this book.

Are you already an expert Global Citizen?  Try matching the countries’ to their correct details in the scanned image below.

It is one of the best children’s book you will ever buy, forget Harry Potter and Fairy Tales, this should be the first thing your child reads.

New batch of Cool Communicators

We are happy to announce the graduation of a new batch of Cool Communicators. From Left to Right: Eddie learnt the importance of networking and preparing an impressive introduction, Terrence achieved a newfound confidence. Syazana learnt the great habit of giving compliments to others and May learnt negotiation skills that immediately got her a better paid job the next day! We are so happy to be making a positive difference in each of their lives. Terrence has returned for the Fear Fighter class too and we look forward to share more with you all 😀

Challenge, Change & Contribute.

Royce Hosts the SME Recognition Awards 2012


Royce Tan was invited to be the Emcee host for the SMI Association’s annual Small/Medium Enterprises Recognition Awards. The event was attended by multitudes of savvy business owners, members of the media and even guests of honor such as The Deputy Minister of International Trade & Industry, YB Dato Mukhriz Mahathir (also the son of the longest serving Prime Minister- Dr Mohamad Mahathir), Tan Sri Dato Sri Megat Najmuddin Khas, SMI President Mr Teh Kee Sin, Her Excellency Lourdes Puma Puma – Ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador and many more.

Each supporting organisation was given a token of appreciation for their years of loyal support. The aim of this launch was to signal the start of nominations for any small to medium businesses in Malaysia to compete for an award within the 16 categories such as Product Excellence Award, Brand Excellence Award, Service Excellence Awards and more. The nominees are judged based on rather strict criterion set by independent auditor group – S J Grant Thornton.

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Laychi as Emcee for the Crystal Toastmasters Installation Night.


The Ladies at Crystal Toastmasters Women’s Club has kindly given Laychi Low the honor of being the emcee of the night. The theme set for the night was “Fantasy” and Laychi went as the Spanish Flamenco Dancer whilst Royce went as Julius Caesar.

The night’s purpose was to see the installation of the 2012/2013’s new office bearers of the club and to thank the past year’s officials for their hard work. As you can see there were lots of fun as the members cheered their new title holders. The ladies also put on a performance of Proud Mary (Rolling Down The River).

Using the theme of fantasy, Laychi cleverly brought a mirror up to the stage to use as her speech notes. She began with “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Tell me who is the next president amongst them all…” Looks of approval came from the ladies as they were surely entertained. A great use of props all in all.

Career Day At Saito College

On the 26th of June, Laychi and Royce dropped by Saito College to give some well appreciated advice on how to ace an interview. Saito is primarily an art & design college and with Royce’s background in design and Laychi’s knowledge as a lecturer, the students effort in attendance was well worth it.

Some of the tips that were shared included:

How to set your career goals

What to do if you haven’t decided on a career path?

Google your target company’s background and their competitors to be up to date.

Double check your own online trail because companies will double check you.

Insert logo’s into your own CV/Resume to give a more official impression

For example:


All in all, the students left the talk with excited chatter on learning more about their own personalities and the importance of communication skills in their field.
The Eloquence Academy wishes all the students the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Postcard from Penang

I just wanted to share this post because it shows such a beautiful side of Malaysian Heritage. I think it captures the rich traditions and culture in an actual sculpture. It is a wordless speech about how they used to live, a speech ‘seen’ by many generations after the creator has long since past. As humans we conform our surroundings to suit us, but we forget that our environments shapes us too. For example, the asian culture of having meals at a round table with dishes in the center and then individual rice bowls, making us predisposed to share our food. The artistry of the buildings interior can also depict cultural motifs like batik that comes from symbols that went along with legends and folktales; extending generational memory through the use of architecture.

We should appreciate the beauty we grew up in. Like Dorothy said after she took a long trip down a yellow brick road. There’s no place like home.


When my husband and I were working on post-tsunami reconstruction in Aceh, Indonesia in 2006-2007, we traveled to the nearby island of Penang, Malaysia for a little getaway and stayed in the picturesque Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion – originally built as a private residence in the late 1800’s by a Chinese merchant, it now serves as a home-stay for tourists. It is also a museum of sorts with on-going restoration work that has earned it many awards including a UNESCO Heritage Conservation Award. Among it’s many gorgeous architectural features, the rich indigo blue lime-wash that is used throughout the house makes it very distinctive and beautiful to photograph. Unfortunately, I was using a mediocre digital camera at the time and I’ve lost the original files since then so all I have left are smaller, less clear images that I’ve retrieved from my previous blog. Regardless, they are still timeless and…

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