New batch of Cool Communicators

We are happy to announce the graduation of a new batch of Cool Communicators. From Left to Right: Eddie learnt the importance of networking and preparing an impressive introduction, Terrence achieved a newfound confidence. Syazana learnt the great habit of giving compliments to others and May learnt negotiation skills that immediately got her a better paid job the next day! We are so happy to be making a positive difference in each of their lives. Terrence has returned for the Fear Fighter class too and we look forward to share more with you all ūüėÄ

Challenge, Change & Contribute.

Cool Communicator & Fear Fighter Classes

A pleasant day to you,

The Eloquence Academy proudly announces the ongoing classes of Cool Communicator & Fear Fighter in the next two weekends. There is still 2 or 3 spaces available for each class and the time table is as follows:

Cool Communicator:

This course enables you to keep your cool when the spotlight’s on you. Besides a more confident self in communication and keeping an audience entralled, one is able to use their gifting and strength to finally be at ease in any social situation.

For More Info On Cool Communicator Click Here

Time: 10:30 am till 4:00 pm

Days: Sat 21st July & Sun 22nd July (2012)

Location: LG Studio, Tropicana Golf & Country Club.

Contact: 012 3858766 – Mdm Laychi


Course Fee: RM 700 per student.


Fear Fighter:

(Fear of Public Speaking). Understand what FEAR really is and why the stage gets you weak in the knees. This course is designed to get you on the path of breaking those chains of FEAR with inner strength. Goal setting, teamwork and practice. For More Info On Fear Fighter Click Here

10:30 am till 4:00 pm,

Days: Sat 28th July & Sun 29th July (2012)

Location: LG Studio, Tropicana Golf & Country Club.

Contact: 012 3858766 – Mdm Laychi


Course Fee: RM 700 per student.


We look forward to seeing your fresh faces joining us. Remember, communication skills are one of the few daily used skills that are transferable from home to the office and even in your personal life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

As always, it has been a pleasure.

Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you 10 extra years of life

Jane McGonigal (which sounds suspiciously similar to Harry Potter’s Professor McGonagall) ¬†may have found a very real type of magic. One that extends a person’s life!

Jane sets up a very simplistic but effective framework. She went through an unfortunate accident that left her with a concussion that caused side effects such as headaches, memory-loss, disorientation, dizziness and other head trauma related symptoms. From this, she was put to bedrest and forbidden to play games (tough for a game designer), read books, watch TV or anything that would stimulate her mind as it would aggravate her symptoms.

She began to lose her will to live, without her raison¬†d’√™tre, she soon desired death to claim her.

It is in these horrible moments that genius strikes. Jane decides to create a simplistic game called Superbetter :

It is based on the studies conducted on human life span extending activities. The statistics are extensive yet it is simple enough to understand at face value. Firstly, she defines the top 5 regrets of those on their deathbeds.

  1. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
  2. I wish I’d stayed in touch with my friends.
  3. I wish I allowed myself to be happier.
  4. I wish I had the courage to express my true self.
  5. I wish that I’d led a life true to my dreams and not what others expected of me.

Jane proposes that games can actually facilitate better relationship management, social interaction and even confidence boosters. Personally I think that the next generation can relate so well to games, that it is second nature for them to accept an imaginary framework to view their personal challenge.

She designed Superbetter to allow normal people to adopt a secret identity, complete small tasks or challenges that improves one’s confidence, practice their willpower and even train positive reinforcement and build a social support system. This helps them battle their own chosen obstacle such as cancer, terminal diseases or post-traumatic disorder. It became post-traumatic growth!

She then takes the same phenomenon to improve a person’s survival resilience, and made them the goal practices that are described here for you work on everyday:

  • Physical Resilience: Such as holding your hands above your head for 5 seconds, every moment your body is moving, you are improving your health.
  • Willpower Resilience: This could be as simple as snapping your fingers for 50 times which improves your brains determination
  • Emotional Resilience: Googling for an image of Baby _______ (type of¬†favorite¬†animal) which invokes powerful positive emotions.
  • Social Resilience: Text, email or facebook a quick thank you as appreciation to boost oxytocin in your bloodstream ¬†(the trust hormone)

If you’ve just done these four simple actions. You’ve just gained 7 minutes of extra life. If you do this daily, you are statistically likely to live 10 years longer than you would have if you did nothing about it. On top of that, you will avoid having the top regrets of someone on the deathbed because you have been spending your time doing just the opposite.

 Cest Magnifique!

Royce Hosts the SME Recognition Awards 2012


Royce Tan was invited to be the Emcee host for the SMI Association’s annual Small/Medium Enterprises Recognition Awards. The event was attended by multitudes of savvy business owners, members of the media and even guests of honor such as The Deputy Minister of International Trade & Industry, YB Dato Mukhriz Mahathir (also the son of the longest serving Prime Minister- Dr Mohamad Mahathir), Tan Sri Dato Sri Megat Najmuddin Khas, SMI President Mr Teh Kee Sin, Her Excellency Lourdes Puma Puma – Ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador and many more.

Each supporting organisation was given a token of appreciation for their years of loyal support. The aim of this launch was to signal the start of nominations for any small to medium businesses in Malaysia to compete for an award within the 16 categories such as Product Excellence Award, Brand Excellence Award, Service Excellence Awards and more. The nominees are judged based on rather strict criterion set by independent auditor group – S J Grant Thornton.

For More Photos – Please Click Here

The Power of Vulnerability – Brene Brown

Bren√© Brown studies human connection — our ability to empathize, belong, love. In a poignant, funny talk at TEDxHouston, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity.

Great quote : “Maybe stories are just data with a soul

Brene is an inspiring and sincere speaker, you can hear that each word comes from her heart without reserve. She does this because she is primarily a scholar. She likes to give order to things and that is why she chose her profession as a researcher.

Her framework begins with social connection. She believes that human beings are ultimately driven by our need for social belonging and acceptance. She chose this area to research and stumbled upon a specific emotion that unravels social connection.

Shame & Fear.

The fear of disconnection : Is there something about me that will cause others to disassociate me from themselves?

Brene theorizes that the underpinning issue was vulnerability. She thought that she could champion a movement to oppose or reject vulnerability and after six years of research, even wrote a book on her theories. However she felt that something was not right.

From her research she found that those that has a strong sense of love and belonging simply believed that they were worthy. From this she wanted to do more research on why these people were so secure in themselves. She found that they had this in common : Courage.

Courage : came from the word Kuhr (which means heart) and the original definition meant – to tell your story with your whole heart.

That sense of feeling worthy to be loved, came from courage to be imperfect, they had the compassion to be kind to Themselves first and then to others.

The great lesson in Brene’s research that stumped even a professional like her, is that people whom had a stronger sense of self-worth only had one real difference in their thinking:¬†They were willing to let go of the person they thought they should be, and embrace the person that they are.

They fully embraced vulnerability. They believed that what made them vulnerable made them beautiful. It is about the willingness to say “i love you first”, they are willing to put themselves out there for others to accept them or reject them but always in the knowledge that it is fine because they are flawed and therefore it is okay.

Brene initially had a breakdown trying to understand this, because that meant you had to give up control. It also meant that what she thought was the enemy was actually the cure. You can hear her having lots of “em…” and “ahh..s” during this portion because she is practicing what she preaches.

She ends with the point that our society is now trying to numb the part of us that feels vulnerability. However this is also the birthplace of love, kindness, compassion, understanding and connection. We use alcohol, food, and bad habits to fill that hole but the fact is, that hole is meant to be there, like our own mouths, the more you stuff into it, the more harm you’re doing to yourself.

The cure :

To allow your inner-self to truly be seen.

To love wholeheartedly even though there is no guarantee that your love will be returned or even appreciated.

To practice gratitude for being able to be alive and feel at all.

Finally, it is to BELIEVE I AM ENOUGH

The Top Comedians & YouTube Personality Channels

Today let’s take a look at some online personalities that you could possibly model yourself after…or maybe just to stare at blankly and get confused.

The point of this exercise is to encourage whichever style of humor you possess to blossom into a laughing gas releasing flower.

I know there are probably a thousand and one multiplied by a million comedians out there, but let’s start with the kings and queens of giggles on YouTube.

After a long and arduous research of 5 minutes, I have come up with the following list:

Michael Buckley

Comedic Style: Ultra Gay, ultra quick and super commercial

George Carlin

Comedic Style: No nonsense, I’ve-lived-longer-than-you-so-I’m-right, Controversial

Lewis Black

Comedic Style: Controversial, Lecturer, Sarcastic, Angry fits, Logical.

Kevin Wu/ Kev Jumba

Comedic Style: Teen humour, guy interests, Asian

Natalie Tran

Community Channel / Natalie Tran

Comedic Style: Young adult humour, Female interests, Australian-Chinese.

Wanda Sykes

Comedic Style: African- American, Adult humor, Sarcastic Tone, Funny voice.

Russell Peters

Comedic Style: Racial comparison, Funny expressions, build up, american born indian, impressions.

There are obviously much much more. Feel free to suggest your favorites. I’ve got plenty more comedians that I am a fan of these are just those that I’ve had the time to put together in five minutes (I have a life you know).

Most importantly do enjoy them as laughter is medicine and a great fat burner too ūüėČ

Royce’s Icebreaker Speech


Good day to all my fellow toastmasters, new visitors and friends. My name is Royce Tan and I am here today to properly introduce myself as a new member of the TTDI Toastmasters Club. I am also going to  give you an idea of my life so far and hopefully get a head start on our future friendships.


Part 1:¬†Today is special for me as it marks the beginning of another journey, my journey as a Toastmaster. Let me share with you though, about my experience with Public Speaking as a skill. There was once upon a time not too long ago, when I was known as the quietest boy in school. As a child I was an introvert and shy of character. It also didn’t help that the color of my skin was very dark, I wore large 80’s grandpa glasses that covered half of my face and I was shaped like a small¬†prepubescent¬†sumo. My nickname was the ‘Black Doraemon’.

Part 2:¬†As you can imagine, I did not have very much self-confidence with social interactions let alone public speaking. In primary school I would walk into the canteen and stand near the vending machines to buy drinks and pretend to look at my watch for the tenth time just to avoid any human contact. I would prefer to get lost in my world of Enid Blyton books than interact with the world around me. Due to this apparent love for stories, my mother thought “hmm you should be a natural story-teller then.” I was unaware that it was the sentence that would bring about one of the most traumatic experiences of my life.

Part 3:¬†I was only 8 years old, clueless to the idea of human rights and standing up for yourself. My only thought was that I had no choice and I am supposed to do what I’m told. My mother chose for me the story of the Mooncake Princess, which I was completely unfamiliar with yet taken by my mother’s rendition of it. I tried practicing my storytelling but memorizing a whole story was extremely difficult at the time. Then came the¬†deadline, the venue was the National Library of Malaysia itself! I remember waiting for my turn amongst hundreds of people. They called my name and I tried running to the exit. My mother grabbed my hand and,¬†with a furious undertone,¬†demanded that I go on stage. I stepped into the limelight and stared at the crowd of shadows. My legs were not just shaking, they were vibrating; and my heartbeat was in my throat. I only managed 3 sentences. “Good morning judges, parents and all my friends. T-t-today I want to tell you about…er..the Mooncake Princess and the legend.”

*Loong Pause*

I was close to tears and muttered “Thank You” and ran off stage as fast as my jelly legs could. That experience scarred me for life, yet strangely became my motivation to avoid ever enduring such humiliation again. At 13, I hit puberty and looked less like Doraemon, I started high school where I met like minded friends that helped me feel more accepted. My mother enrolled me for a short course in public speaking which became a gradual practice for most of my teenage life. The skill fully blossomed when I went to college and was recognized enough to be made emcee and then given a job during my university career.


Many years later I stand before you, still a little boy at heart but with much more enthusiasm to do this and a lot more confidence to keep me from running for the door. I know my journey is far from over and I am here because I know there is so much more to learn. I appreciate your time for listening and I hope for us to get to know each other better as each meeting comes and goes.

Thank You.

Breaking the Peek-A-Boo Cycle

Breaking the Peek-A-Boo Cycle.

This article talks about mistakenly using your own fears as a leadership tactic. I have to say for me, it is more of an issue of pride. It is always easier to sit in your ivory tower, safe from the efforts of being exposed and possibly rejected by your peers or followers. Sometimes I feel like I want to keep the good impressions I’ve garnered pegged at a certaine point as I don’t feel at my best that day. As if every single thing I do will shift people’s opinion of me and what I stand for.

This is a great reminder that sharing and getting personal with your audience is always great for building rapport. It also reminds us to use inclusive language so as not to discriminate, belittle or single out others.


It is time to end my peek-a-boo habit and just come out of the proverbial leadership closet.


Laychi as Emcee for the Crystal Toastmasters Installation Night.


The Ladies at Crystal Toastmasters Women’s Club has kindly given Laychi Low the honor of being the emcee of the night. The theme set for the night was “Fantasy” and Laychi went as the Spanish Flamenco Dancer whilst Royce went as Julius Caesar.

The night’s purpose was to see the installation of the 2012/2013’s new office bearers of the club and to thank the past year’s officials for their hard work. As you can see there were lots of fun as the members cheered their new title¬†holders. The ladies also put on a performance of Proud Mary (Rolling Down The River).

Using the theme of fantasy, Laychi cleverly brought a mirror up to the stage to use as her speech notes. She began with “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Tell me who is the next president amongst them all…” Looks of approval came from the ladies as they were surely entertained. A great use of props all in all.